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The Pretty Witty Company

Creating Bespoke Pictures and Poems


Remember the thrill when you got a real letter? 

Our gifts are like that, just a little bit better.

Original artwork and rhymes full of mirth,

Perfect for showing how much someone's worth. 

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Remember the thrill when you got a real letter? 

Our gifts are like that, just a little bit better.

Original artwork and rhymes full of mirth,

Perfect for showing how much someone's worth. 


If you want the best reaction,

Laughter, tears and satisfaction,

Give the gift of rhyme and art,

The gift you've given from your heart.

"Amazing present to give - in fact the best present I have ever given."

Who we are


We are Jeanette and Sally and we are The Pretty Witty Company. Neighbours, friends and business partners; Jeanette is the arty one and Sally is the wordy one. 

Both mums of three, we love writing poems and drawing pictures which make someone's day. We love giving special people gifts that they'll cherish forever; gifts that tell them exactly how incredible they are. 

We also love gin on Fridays. 

Drop us a line or give us a call if you think you have someone who deserves what one of our customers described as


"The. Best. Gift. Ever."

Our Products

How We Work


Every piece of work we create is completely bespoke. At The Pretty Witty Company we don’t use computer programmes to generate your poem or artwork. There’s no filling in the blanks of a template here! Sally will craft your poem from scratch using the answers from your questionnaire and conversations with you. Jeanette will then hand draw your illustration onto the highest quality paper using good old fashioned pencil and pen. 

Your gift is then mounted and framed in a solid wood frame. We offer these in a choice of colours and come with all the necessary fixings to hang on the wall, or for A4 frames, the option of a stand for displaying on a table top.

Who are they for?


We specialise in birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, leaver's gifts, engagements and weddings. Whatever your special occasion, and whether it's a joint gift or you're going solo, whether it's for work or pleasure, we can craft the perfect gift for you.

Common Queries

What's the cost?

Please see individual products for prices, however our lovingly made gifts start from £75.

We require a £50 deposit before starting on your original commission.

How long does it take?

We ask for as much notice as possible, though we usually ask for 3-4 weeks from order to delivery. This may be longer at busy times such as Mother's Day, end of the school year and at Christmas. We may be able to get an order ready in 7-10 days if we're a little less busy. Talk to us via the contact info at the bottom to find out if we have availability or to get your order in our book.

What if I want extra verses in my poem or people in my artwork?

Our service is completely tailor made, so please talk to us about your specific requirements. Additional 4 line verses and illustrated figures are priced at £30 each for the first one and £20 thereafter.

What if what I want isn't on the list?

If you've got an idea or a special event you think we can help you with, please get in touch.

I'm ready to order, what do I do next?

Give us a call or drop us a line to see how we can help you. If you know what you want already and have confirmed that we can deliver to your deadline, then fill in the forms below and return them to us by email at:


We send all gifts beautifully gift wrapped and then carefully packaged, by Royal Mail First Class post. We regret that at this time, we cannot send our high quality, solid wood, glass-fronted frames through Royal Mail and that there will be a UK postage charge. Please either select the unframed version when ordering (if we are sending your gift through the post) or talk to us about a perspex fronted frame at a small additional cost.  



"I asked Sally and Jeanette to encapsulate what my family are about for my wife's Christmas gift. I'm not sure they could get it any better. IT WAS ACE! The words, sentiment, the uniqueness and the portrait were spot on. It was quite emotional reading it, and I am not the only one who found this when they read it. Friends and families were at it as well. ... I can't thank the talented duo enough to help me give to my wife what she described as The. Best. Present. Ever."

Paul Franklin


"It is honestly the best present I have ever had. Every line of the poem was so personal, funny and embarrassing. Sums up my life, my misdemeanours, my family, my friends and my loved ones in the most beautiful poem and artwork. I cried and I laughed but every time I walk past it now hanging in my hall, I smile. Thank you Jeanette and Sally for being so talented and creative.

 Ciara Pryce


"When I asked Jeanette and Sally to create a 'Pretty Witty' poem for our sister Shelly I knew it would be brilliant but I honestly didn't expect GENIUS!!!! The brief was captured so perfectly and made with a love only a sister can know. Shelly absolutely loved her gift and so did I. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart."

Sandra Handscomb


"I asked the Pretty Witty Company to help with a gift for my brother's 50th ... There were 20 of us in the room and not a single dry eye. It was the perfect mix of true sentiment and rip-roaringly funny accounts of his life. Jeanette has a true talent for capturing the person in her beautiful style and Sally is awesome at putting someone's life down on paper and bringing them to life. Amazing present to give - in fact the best present I have ever given."

Jane Robertson

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